Airsoft Rentals

  1. We will be at Camp r&r on May 14th with rentals

I formation about the game is at   

We now have a few thunder kiss custom guns and an elite force Avalon for rent.                                                                                                    We are open year round                                            

We do private party airsoft rentals. We have enough gear for 25 people. Your site or at Camp R&R. We have all the guns and gear you may need for a game. We also rent at all Camp R&R games.

If you have a field and would like us to rent there just email us at

We also rent items individually. So if you need an extra mag or battery or whatever, we have it.

We now have an AK47, MP5 and sniper rifle along with our M4’s.

6 Responses to Airsoft Rentals

  1. Liz Perry says:


    I will have a group of approximately seven kids at Camp R&R this Saturday, June 6th. At this time about four of them do not have equipment and would like to rent the necessary gear. Is this something I need to pre-register for or will you be there on a first come, first serve basis? Also, as I am not their guardian are there any additional forms that must be completed before we arrive?

    Please advise if there is anything further that is required.

    Kind regards,
    Liz Perry


  2. Jonathan Kassebaum says:

    I will coming to Camp R&R on the 4th-

    How do we rent weapons? How much does a package cost? Do you take cash or card?


  3. francisco says:

    hello im going with friend tomorrow oct 7 to camp RandR will you be renting then?


  4. Hayden says:

    How old do you have to be to rent an airsoft gun from you guys?


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